Tactical Research

On the Cutting Edge

The Financial Alliance for Women is at the forefront of understanding the gaps and barriers of the Women’s Market. We conduct research to build understanding of the opportunity the Women’s Market represents, as well as the ways financial services providers can capture this opportunity. Research topics include financial services providers’ beliefs about women, women’s attitudes about financial services, and  value propositions that present the greatest opportunity for tapping into the female economy.

This year, the Alliance conducted new research that explores the fintech industry’s current approach to the women’s market. The research comprised two parts: individual in-depth interviews with decision-makers at fintech firms, investors, banks and other ecosystem players, as well as a quantitative survey of fintechs and investors. The resulting study pools results from a total of 168 fintechs and 30 investors and ecosystem actors, spanning 43 countries and numerous industry verticals. 

In our research, we found that fintechs have exceptional capabilities to help close the gender gap and respond to women’s distinct needs and behaviors by delivering efficient and high-value services. And when they do so, they find a ready market and strong results, with lower customer acquisition costs and higher life-time values.

For more insights into the fintech sector’s awareness of the women’s market, the business case for targeting women (including results from the fintechs that are doing so), and the levers that can help fintechs drive women’s full financial inclusion, we encourage you to read the report:  How Fintechs can profit from the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Female Economy.”