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Paradox of Gender Neutral Banking GBA

The Financial Alliance for Women is at the forefront of understanding the gaps and barriers of the Women’s Market. We conduct research to build understanding of the opportunity the Women’s Market represents, as well as the ways financial services providers can capture this opportunity. Research topics include financial services providers’ beliefs about women, women’s attitudes about financial services, their attitudes toward the Women’s Market program value proposition and life cycle events that present the greatest opportunity.

Our latest report is “The Paradox of Gender-Neutral Banking.” The report, also available in Spanish, takes a look at the implicit problems with gender-neutral banking policies and how they have led to high levels of dissatisfaction from one of the world’s most powerful economic forces: women. This report is a follow-up to our groundbreaking study on “How Banks Can Profit from the Multi-Trillion Dollar Female Economy,” which reveals the four key myths bankers believe about the Women’s Market, as well as the data that debunks these misconceptions.