GBA Peer Learning: A Mentoring Conversation

Supporting Achievement

As part of the GBA’s ongoing effort to provide members with access to critical knowledge and best practices for their Women’s Market programs, GBA launched a cross-cutting Mentoring Program in January 2014, working with 30 senior leaders drawn from 16 member banks around the world. A sample of banks participating in the Mentoring Program shared the business and personal benefits gained through the program.

Key Points

  • GBA Mentoring is focused on supporting the achievement of business results from the design, launch and implementation of a Women’s Market program.
  • The value that mentees gained included:
    • Finding good parallels to learn from when developing their own programs,
    • Having a knowledgeable peer who could offer insights into ideas and help them choose which ones to test,
    • 091914_GBA_Summit_Day_2_0914_FUnderstanding how to truly listen to customers,
    • Learning how to position the program internally — securing buy-in from senior management as well as down the line,
    • Gaining specific pieces of intelligence, such as Key Performance Indicator scorecards that could be modified to fit their own bank’s situation.
  • On the “soft” side, mentees shared how participation increased their confidence to lead the change initiative inside their banks and to set up internal mentoring programs for women in their banks.
  • Mentors spoke of the power of learning from experiences in other countries, and the personal reward of feeling that you are contributing to another person’s success and the success of women in another country.


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Program Director, Global Banking Alliance for Women Mentoring Program

Head of Strategic Development
& Financial Management Group,
BLC Bank

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Banco BHD León

General Director, Banca Mujer, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

Head of Women Banking, Chase Kenya

Head-Global Branch Business Development, HBL