Our 2020 Annual Summit was hosted by Mastercard and was virtual from October 6-8. In a time when learning and adapting were essential, the 2020 Annual Summit theme – Shifting the Paradigm: The Female Economy 2020 and Beyond – was more relevant than ever.

The Summit brought together global leaders from across the financial services industry to share fresh insights on the changing future of work, women and FinTech, D&I agendas during COVID-19, and serving the client of tomorrow.

The 2020 Summit included a special focus on FinTech and FemTech, as we explored the latest innovations from members and ecosystem players eager to advance all segments of the female economy.


Catch highlights from the 3 days

Day 1: Championing the Female Economy

Day 2: Reimagining the Fintech Industry

Day 3: The Future of Work