Liza Garay-de Vaubernier

Global Head of Women’s Market, AXA Group


Liza Garay-de Vaubernier is Global Head of Women’s Market for the AXA Group. She drives the global Women Strategy, leveraging strategic partnerships to scale opportunities in the Women’s Market across the globe. Her purpose is to develop products and services adapted to women’s needs and expectations.
Her background includes solid experience in managing international projects and global networks. Liza joined the AXA Group’s Corporate Sustainability team in 2009, and in 2014 was appointed Head of Extra-Financial Strategy for the Group.
Liza Garay-de Vaubernier holds undergraduate degrees in Business Management & a Master’s in Sustainability Strategy.


As one of the largest global insurers, our purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters.
Protection has always been at the core of our business, helping individuals, businesses and societies to thrive. And AXA has always been a leader, an innovator, an entrepreneurial company, fostering progress in all its dimensions. From the outset, AXA has been committed to acting as a force for collective good. From solidarity-based actions with AXA Hearts In Action to work on prevention issues with the AXA Research Fund and the fight against climate change, AXA has always been attentive to its social environment and embraced its responsibility as an insurer: responsibility for taking action upstream in order to better understand risks, with one goal in mind: to ensure better protection. AXA stands as a trusted partner for its women customers to unlock their potential as decision makers.