Network News

Thursday 27th January 2022

The HSBC Roar 2021 pilot program concluded last month with 31 female entrepreneurs receiving mentorship and training from leading female founders across the UK, US, and Hong Kong SAR, as well as establishing connections with one another. Following the positive response to the 2021 pilot, HSBC Roar will expand into new markets and accept 7 times more female entrepreneurs in 2022.

In January 2022, AXA Italia launched ‚ÄúProtezione Sospesa” to offer protection and healthcare assistance to women at risk of domestic violence. When purchasing or renewing a policy, agents and clients can donate a “piece” of health protection at the price of 1 euro or more, which AXA Italia matches to purchase a health policy for women who are victims of violence. Benefits include telephone or video call consultations with general practitioners, pediatricians and specialists, psychological support, home care and babysitting services, as well as receive prescriptions for specialist visits and diagnostic tests