GBA Newsletter: May 2009

Wednesday 13th May 2009

GBA Newsletter

Letter from the Chair

I am in a celebrating mood as I write to you this month!

April marks the beginning of a new year for the GBA for Women. As we begin our 10th year, we are looking forward rather than reflecting on where we have been.

I think we all would agree our current world situation has somewhat altered our perception of time.

Just look at the changes the financial markets have undergone in each of our countries in a very short period of time. Yet, we continue to be encouraged that the work we are all engaged in – women’s wealth creation – is a solid foundation for our financial institution’s success.

So, happy birthday to the Global Banking Alliance for Women. Thanks to all of our member institutions, affiliates, sponsors, Advisory Board members and Board of Directors for your continued involvement and support.

We are eagerly looking ahead this year to keep growing our membership, and we are encouraged by the applications for new members we have right now. Next month we will provide you with a profile and contact information as we complete the on boarding process.

Over the next few months we are on track to completely revise our web experience to deepen the access to resources and create a community network for dialogue and exchange of ideas

You will see we have revised our logo and developed a new graphic look including a tag line that represents our core values, whether it is what we commit to delivering to you, our members, or what you commit to delivering to your customers:

Accelerating Access. Increasing Impact.

So, please mark your calendars NOW to join us for our 10th annual Summit in Singapore, October 28-30. Our host committee led by Standard Chartered is forming, and we will be asking for your input to deliver an excellent collaborative sharing experience.

Another great year awaits us all!


Larke Riemer
Head of Women’s Markets
GBA Board Chair
Westpac Banking Corporation

Member Spotlight


Across Australia and globally, women in business from a variety of backgrounds are performing a crucial role in creating a more vibrant and dynamic economy, and Westpac’s recognition of this rising force is central to its role as Australia’s leading business bank and the employer of choice for women.

  • Westpac is the only Australian bank with a unit solely dedicated to female customers,
  • Established 11 years ago to address the concerns of a growing force in Australian business— female business owners and operators. Women are increasingly establishing their own businesses, and in the small business market, account for more than 30% of new businesses in Australia.
  • Larke Riemer is the National Head of Women’s Markets for Westpac and heads a team of State Managers who drive strategies that offer women in business the banking tools they require to run a successful business.
  • Launched as a national program, today each State has its own specialised Women’s Markets Manager. The Women’s Markets Unit’s unique range of services includes:
    • Business and financial management and information resources
    • Women’s investment advisory service for financial planning advice
    • Westpac Women’s Markets Networking Group – membership
    • Small business education seminars – Bite Size Business Learning Modules
    • Superannuation seminars – retirement planning
    • Metropolitan and regional business forums titled Learn, Lead & Succeed launched in 2008 which have been delivered to over 1500 business women
    • Networking events combining an education or charity theme to raise funds for female focused charities.
    • The Westpac Women’s Markets Unit encourages female friendly policies within Westpac, and for the 12th year in a row, Westpac has been named by the Federal Government as an Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) employer of choice.

What’s New !

  • Westpac Women’s Markets launched in May 2008 an interactive new stand alone website called the Ruby Connection (Celebrating 1 YEAR this month!)
    – an online community through which women can connect, meet and learn, no matter where they are based, or where they bank. This is the first of its type in the financial industry. (Click either image here to visit their site and explore all it has to offer.)

Leading the way.

“Westpac’s commitment to women goes beyond products and services to something I consider to be of greater importance, and that is Westpac’s understanding of the impact women can have on the Australian business landscape and the bank’s ability to work alongside women and help them achieve their goals” says Larke. She has had 24 years with Westpac working across all areas of the bank, but describes her current role as the most rewarding.

New Logo and Tagline

Have you noticed our new logo and graphics? We have updated the design of our logo to give more prominence to women! Graphically, we have modified the design to include a reference to the universal symbol for woman. And, by including our new tag line with our graphics, we can communicate our vision and mission to a wider audience.

Standard Chartered Bank eager to be 2009 Summit Host

By Joanna Fielding, Chair, Group Women’s Council

All of us at Standard Chartered Bank are very excited to be hosting the 2009 GBA for Women Summit from 28 – 30 October in Singapore.

In 2009, Standard Chartered Bank is celebrating 150 years of operating in Singapore. This business-friendly city at the heart of Asia is one of our key markets and also serves as a headquarters for our global businesses. We do hope all of the GBA for Women members will be able to join us this year for what will be a fantastic event. In addition to the two day GBA for Women meeting, we will be holding a larger event which will bring together a broad group of participants to discuss key issues relating to banking and women-run businesses. Over the coming months, we will share further information about the Summit.

If you would like any further information on Standard Chartered Bank, please visit our website – . For information on Singapore, visit