GBA Presses for Progress with 2018 IWD Campaign

Thursday 8th March 2018

In a weeklong celebration of International Women’s Day, GBA rolled out a series of animated gifs previewing insights from our forthcoming Global Women’s Market Data Survey.

The images highlight the GBA’s reach with the Women’s Market, the opportunity represented by the female economy both in business and retail banking, and the progress our banks are making in providing specialized non-financial services to women as well as around diversity and inclusion. Additional preview images dug into what we’ve found about women’s non-performing loan rates, loan-to-deposit ratios, and performance comparisons between banks with mature programs and banks just starting out. Take a look at the collection below, and look for the full report next month:

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IWD 2018 GBA Data
This week GBA is previewing data from member banks in 23 countries striving to economically empower women.
IWD 2018 Rrepresentation
Despite being a strong market opportunity, women are still under-represented in banks’ portfolios globally.


IWD 2018 Credit Portfolio
The missing middle is still a reality: As businesses grow, women represent a disproportionately lower proportion of banks’ credit portfolios.
IWD 2018 Unbanked
A majority of GBA members are providing financial services to women who were previously unbanked.


IWD 2018 Financial and Non-Financial Services
More GBA banks are going beyond financial services to offer women the full support they need to succeed.
IWD 2018 D&I
GBA members with mature, long-term strategies that support women customers also have stronger diversity and inclusion metrics.


IWD 2018 NPLs
Across regions, segments and institutions, the results are convincing: Women are prudent borrowers.
IWD 2018 Loan to Deposit Ratios
GBA research has found that across regions, women have significantly lower loan-to-deposit ratios than men, making them a stable source of deposits for banks.


IWD 2018 Women's Market Performance 1
A long-term commitment to serving women well is associated with better Women’s Market business results.
IWD 2018 Women's Market Performance 2
Women whose banks have a long-term strategy for serving women well tend to buy more products and have lower risk profiles.