Checking in: Banistmo Launches ‘Impulsa’

Wednesday 10th October 2018

Banistmo IMPULSA MUJER(Versión en español)

GBA member Banistmo recently launched its new strategy to empower women in its home base of Panama. Developed in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, the Impulsa program seeks to support women in their varied roles as professionals, business owners and in family life.

Banistmo’s guiding principles are built around transforming the lives of people, families and businesses. As a signatory of the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles, the bank is committed to unleashing the potential of the Women’s Market by providing women with the holistic, tailored solutions they need to succeed. Market research conducted by the bank as it was developing Impulsa showed women had strong time constraints given their multiple roles in society, worries about the well-being of their families, and concerns about the costs of bank products and services. Banistmo used these insights to develop the program, which offers women a variety of financial and non-financial services to save them time and build their know-how, including:

  • Savings accounts with easy online and app-based access.
  • Credit cards with a number of benefits and discounts at local businesses.
  • Assistance services, including home, personal services for times of illness, and personal injury services.
  • Business and finance workshops taught by highly regarded national and international experts.

In an effort to boost women’s entrepreneurship in Panama, the bank, partnering with Canal de Empresarias de Ciudad del Saber (Canal Businesswomen City of Knowledge), also introduced the Premio Mujer Innovadora Banistmo (Banistmo Innovative Woman Award) – creating role models to encourage other women to start their own businesses. The winner of the first award, Olga Jara, is currently serving as the official face of the Impulsa program.

Banistmo is also supporting women’s enterprises in Panama through its new “In pactamos” Program. The program selects women business owners based on three criteria: innovation, scalability and potential for social and/or environmental impact to be mentored by senior executives or business experts from the bank. Those selected also have the opportunity to attend special business workshops and networking events. Twenty-five businesswomen are currently receiving training under Banistmo’s In pactamos program.

To learn more about the Impulsa program, visit Banistmo’s website: