BLC Bank Welcomes 10 Institutions to Share Women’s Market Best Practices

Monday 21st April 2014

BLC bank hosted over 20 participants from 8 countries representing 10 banks and financial institutions to a study tour in Larnaca, Cyprus. During the study tour, GBA members had the opportunity to gain inside knowledge about BLC’s strategy to become the bank of reference and the employer of choice for women. BLC team members discussed their main lessons learned, including how to create a strong Customer Value Proposition, developing non-financial services as a brand differentiator, marketing and product development, the power of social media, public relations, measuring results, and various other topics.

GBA members were very grateful for BLC’s generosity in hosting as well as their willingness to openly share experiences and lessons learned. We look forward to seeing member banks in our upcoming Study Tour next November at Westpac in Australia.