Best Practice Panels Preview: The Future of Financial Services

Wednesday 10th October 2018

Digitalization Personalization Summit PanelEcosystem Plays That Solve for Women’s Lifecycle Needs

Serving women well in the future will require solving for their lifecycle needs, which include income generation, health, housing, education, mobility, travel, building wealth and mitigating risks. Integrating solutions from actors across a range of financial services – banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, fintechs, payment companies, telcos – and adjacent industries such as retailers and consumer packaged goods companies can make offerings more effective. Ecosystems are customer-centric networks through which products and services are offered by various players. This panel will showcase examples of ecosystem plays that GBA members are orchestrating or participating in and share what makes partnerships work.

The Customer Journey in 2030

This session will explore what it will be like to be a female consumer of financial services in 2030 and include a unique, interactive workshop that enables Summit attendees to design customer value propositions based on real-world customer insights.

Digitalization and Personalization: The Right Mix of Technology and Touch

Digitalization offers low-cost, multi-touch opportunities for financial services providers to interact with customers. But to maintain relevance to women, financial services providers must solve for two needs: First, reduce “friction” – or time women spend in managing daily transactions (e.g. paying the rent or school fees) – and second, deliver solutions around a key life event/life moment (e.g. birth of a baby, divorce). This panel will explore digital transformation for the Women’s Market and creating a truly differentiated service model.

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