Best Practice Exchange: BHD León and BNCR

Thursday 20th August 2015

On July 23, Banco BHD León Chief Executive and Executive Vice President Steven Puig visited the headquarters of Banco Nacional de Costa Rica to deliver an in-depth presentation on his institution’s successful gender strategy.

In attendance from BNCR were several executives from bank management, including Deputy General Manager Gerardo Ulloa, Director of Commercial Zones Julio Trejos, Chief Credit Officer Jorge Aguero, Chief Risk Officer Gustavo Vargas, Director General of Banking Development Victor Acosta and Director General of Banca Mujer Maria Aminta Quirce. Steven also met with BNCR General Manager Juan Carlos Corrales Salas to share BHD’s successes and strategies around the Women’s Market.


Steven discussed BHD León’s views on the business case for targeting the Women’s Market, looking at details of the bank’s customer value proposition and the importance of offering products tailored to the needs of women clients. He also shared what is required to achieve success with the market, stressing the importance of management’s involvement with the development and implementation of any gender strategy, as well as alignment with a bank’s overall corporate strategy.

Steven traveled to Costa Rica to participate in the Forbes Powerful Women Forum, which was held July 23 in San Jose. He served on the first panel, offering his perspectives on women in leadership and how BHD León supports the development of both female employees and bank clients. BNCR officials invited him to share his institution’s perspectives with their team following his participation in the panel.