Rabih Abi Ammar

Head of Credit Management Group, BLC Bank, Lebanon

Mr. Rabih Abi Ammar holds a B.S. degree in Accounting & an MBA degree with a specialization in Finance from the Lebanese American University. He started his professional banking career with BLC Bank as an Internal Auditor. 

Mr. Abi Ammar’s strive for continuing education during his professional career is evident & reflected in the number of certificates attained within the accounting, auditing, finance & risk management fields. After his experience in internal audit, he explored his passion for credit-related issues, where he also worked at the Risk Management Department as a Credit Review Officer & was then promoted to Head of Credit Review. 

Mr. Abi Ammar enhanced the scope of the Credit Review to not only include the review of credit files, but also portfolio management & other credit risk subjects, mainly those related to Basel Implementation & best practices in Risk Management where he also worked on the adaptation of Basel accords at the bank in coordination with the Risk Management Department at the Banking Control Commission & helped BLC in complying with Basel requirements. Mr. Abi Ammar was also assigned the responsibility to head the Financial Risk Management, on top of managing Credit Risk. After having proven successful record in establishing the Credit & Financial Risk Management, he was assigned a challenging mission within the bank, which is heading the Credit Management Group including Retail Credit Analysis, SMEs Credit Analysis, Corporate Credit Analysis, Credit Administration, Credit Information & Pre-Recovery. Mr. Abi Ammar is currently an active member in all credit-related committees at the bank, on top of the executive management committee & product committee.

Besides Mr. Abi Ammar’s passion for Banking, he also has a passion for teaching, where he has been teaching several Accounting & Finance courses (such as Principles of Accounting, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting & Banking Operations) at the Lebanese American University for the past 14 years. On top of his teaching experience, he provides financial training programs for the bank’s employees covering various subjects, represents the bank in the media & acts as a jury member for several competitions that are done with institutions collaborating with BLC Bank.

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