Zumma is the first investment and personal finance platform for Latin American women that rewards them for saving and investing.

About Zumma

Zumma was founded in 2022 by three women with background in financial services with the mission to empower women and their families by helping them build their wealth and take control of their financial lives.

We offer women in Latin America products that will allow them to reach financial independence because we believe that financial independence and financial security empowers women and an empowered woman can change the world.

The Program

Latin American women are saving but not investing with less than 1% of Latin American women investing. Zumma is set to change this. Zumma is wealthtech platform that guides Latin American women through their financial journey from financial planning to smart investing. Through a small subscription, women can manage and track their finances and save and invest in personalized portfolios of fixed income and equities in order to reach their financial goals. All of this while they get rewarded for taking good financial decisions, similar to how credit cards reward you for spending. We see a huge untapped market of 130M women in Latin America that are saving today and control over USD $1.4 T dollars. Our goal is to reduce the financial gender inequality gap in the region through technology.



100% of founders are women

70% of workforce are women

90% of community are women



In Mexico


Only 43% of women have a formal financial product.

2 out of 10

Only 2 out 10 investors are women.


Only 0.8% of women are investing.

1 out of 4

Only 1 in 4 women graduate with a university degree.

8 out of 10
8 out 10 women that want a divorce can’t do it because they depend economically on their partner.

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