Tyme is a multi-country digital banking group, focused on bridging the digital divide in emerging markets, by integrating into physical retail ecosystems. We launched our first full digital bank deployment in South Africa in February 2019.

About Tyme

Tyme is a digital banking group focused on financially empowering underserved consumers in emerging markets.  The first major deployment was TymeBank in South Africa, with over 2.3 million customers in its first 18 months, making it the world’s fastest growing independent digital bank

Tyme banks are built on three key pillars: 

i) physical access – reaching customers where they are, through 800+ purpose built TymeKiosks in partner grocery stores in urban, semi-urban and rural communities. These are supported by Tyme Ambassadors – combining high-touch and high-tech

ii) financial access – Tyme is ~40% cheaper than the next cheapest bank due to their tech stack in the cloud;

iii) emotional access – Tyme products are designed to overcome societal distrust of banks and low digital and financial literacy.

About the program

Tyme has 51% women customers and is steadily growing its women customer base. Growth in the women segment is due to Tyme’s affordable transactional and savings account in South Africa, appealing to value focused women customers, and Tyme is the only digital bank integrated into physical retail environments, banking women where they shop for groceries. Listening to its customer base, Tyme implemented a unique “high tech, high touch” onboarding mechanism, enabling account opening in under five minutes through its digital kiosks in grocery stores. Friendly Ambassadors (70% women) then guide new users on how to use the account, promoting its pay-as-you-go approach, innovative goal-based savings program, and easy cash in-cash out at the store till point – all designed for South Africa’s financial literacy hungry, time-poor customer.  

With support from the Financial Alliance for Women, Tyme is launching a partnership with Jumper.ai to provide women SME customers the tools to open digital storefronts, improve inventory management, fulfilment and delivery, and payments, to support Tyme’s new lending products.  

Together, Tyme and Jumper.ai will provide the tools to open digital storefronts on social media through Jumper’s conversational commerce platforms and sales bots. This will allow Tyme’s women-led SMEs to increase and better track revenues, providing the foundation for alternative data credit scoring and opening up access to financing.   



More than 51% percent of the Tyme
customers are women

69 Net Promoter Score (NPS) for low-income women, and 60 for women overall, as compared 29 NPS industry average in South Africa

Women use Tyme’s two value products  –  Send Money and Card-based Deposits  –  significantly more than men 


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