Tribe Fintech is a global technology company offering financial institutions a white-label, modular and customisable ‘Ecosystem-in-a-Box’ platform providing SMEs with a hub of integrated business tools, education and social community.

About Tribe Fintech

Tribe Fintech was founded in 2022 with the vision to supercharge and digitize underserved SMEs around the world. With its ‘beyond banking’ platform and ecosystem of non-financial services, the Tribe platform turns bank customers into thriving and connected business communities.

Tribe Fintech is a data-driven company with a founding team from SMEs, unicorns, international financial institutions, major banks, fintechs, payment companies and non-profits. With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland and South Africa, Tribe is a team of global leaders in technology and financial inclusion that have created a world-class tech platform but also a force for change.

Tribe was named the 2022 Female Economy Fintech of the Year as part of the Alliance Hack.

About The Program

Tribe Fintech works with financial institutions around the world to help them co-create and orchestrate their own SME ecosystems and partners in each market.

Their Platform-as-a-Service business model means that Tribe’s financial institution partners can use their data-driven platform insights to customise and integrate their ecosystem partners and products for a fraction of the cost and in minimal time – offering SMEs a ‘beyond banking’ and Netflix-style platform of value-added services designed just for them.

Tribe is building an ever-expanding integrated ecosystem of global and local non-financial service partners across the core pillars of digital business tools, practical business education and business networks – all with the aim of helping SMEs start and scale their businesses in the digital economy. Tribe’s current partner offerings include verified business profiles, easy-to-use ecommerce sites, accounting software, inventory management and logistics as well as business courses and pathways provided by global tech giants and local universities and SME organisations.

Granular sex-disaggregated data is collected and fed back to financial institutions, giving them a deeper business understanding of SMEs beyond rear-view financials.



Tribe Fintech was founded by solo female founder, Mo Harvey, with the aim of creating a globally scalable tech platform that could impact millions of SMEs, and in particular WSMEs, all over the world.

100% Women Board Members

70% Women Core Workforce

65% Women on Advisory Board  (all leaders in fintech, financial services & financial inclusion)

60% of SME Partner Organizations are female-focused


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