At Santander, our mission is to contribute to the progress of individuals and companies.

About Santander Argentina

Santander Argentina is the largest private bank in the Argentinian financial system in terms of savings (deposits plus common funds) and in credit volume. The institution has 430 traditional branches, 8 social integration branches, 6 digital offices, 3 Work Cafes, and serves more than 3.7 million clients (including 2.2 million digital clients, more than 320,000 MSMEs and 1,300 corporates), with more than 8,300 employees and has a presence in 22 provinces and in the City of Buenos Aires. Santander Argentina has developed an extensive responsible banking program that is focused on higher education and maintains more than 86 collaboration agreements with Argentinian public and private universities through its Santander Universities program.

The Program

Santander launched Banca Women, an innovative value proposition focused on empowering and generating new opportunities for women. Designed to offer financial services to entrepreneurs, SME owners, and professionals, the program also offers tools for professional development and businesses growth.

The program offers unique learning experiences, designed exclusively for this initiative, with training in topics such as Business Management, Digital Marketing, Creativity and Innovation among others. It also promotes connectivity and networking among clients, with the aim of expanding women’s networks.

Internally, Santander Argentina updated its parental leave policy for parents and couples with equal marriages, to include up to 30 days of leave that can be divided until the first year of the child’s life to be able to spend time caring for family.

The bank works hard to achieve gender equality both in the company and in the environment in which it operates.




Women represent 51.4 percent
of the bank’s staff.

Women make up about 44
percent of the bank’s customer base.

Over 1.5 million women clients served.

Over 190,000 women have subscribed to the Women Program.

Supporting Women with Vision