Sacuda means to shake, our purpose is to shake the financial system to accelerate economic growth by introducing new rules to the game in order to make it really inclusive.

About Sacuda

Sacuda is a community- based platform for Latinamerican women led businesses looking for financial and business development services that reflect their reality. Sacuda is created out of the belief that there is urgency on addressing the gender gap in access to credit and bias attached to the process of designing and delivering financial services. This community is thought to be built by the users as designers of the services and products they want to see. To that purpose, the team embraces technology and the concept of regenerative finance to create an alternative for subattended segments in the economy and work on providing tailored services along with the tools and knowledge to actively engage in a context where traditional and decentralized finance is in constant evolution.

The Program

Sacuda is developing a community-based lending product that provides blended financial and non-financial services. This can be done thanks to an active network of women owned businesses, business development services, mentoring and advising providers (catalyzers), and investors. Sacuda enhances the relationship among them by linking business with catalytic offering in the region based on women´s and business stage.

Within this community Sacuda has the commitment of democratizing access to capital by implementing an alternative credit scoring and opportunities arising with decentralized finance, and to scale tailored-made services. The nature and characteristics of the participating businesses is not homogeneous, however the registration system for access and use of services allow us to adjust offerings to different profiles and needs in an agile and flexible manner.

By accessing lending products women actively construct a publicly auditable credit and business development history as the platform allows registration of financial operations and business development and learning activities generating certificates related to the participation and compliance of the business 100% verifiable.



100% focus on women

90% of the team including founder and advisors are women


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