Mujer Financiera: developing the first financial social network for women that integrates technology, education, community, and access to financial services.

About Mujer Financiera

Mujer Financiera is a startup aiming to collaborate with women’s financial inclusion through education and technology. There are more than 1 billion women in the world who do not have access to financial services and financial education. The Mujer Financiera community seeks to help women develop their financial skills so that they can make the best financial decisions for their well-being and that of their families. In the 3 years that they have been creating this community, they have observed that when women have access to financial education they begin to save and with this, they can access products and services such as food, health, and education for themselves and their families, which is fundamental to eliminate the cycle of poverty and generate equal opportunities for women.

The Program

Mujer Financiera trained over 40.000 women in Latin America on financial education and developed a data profiling model which identifies the right content for each woman, directly impacting her finances. To scale this model, Mujer Financiera developed Felicity: the first financial social network for women which combines technology, education, community, and access to financial services. On Felicity, women will be able to access custom financial content through machine learning and manage their personal finance through PFM (Personal Finance Management). With proper education, women will be able to connect with banks and fintechs to acquire financial services according to their needs.


Mujer Financiera

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