LXME is India’s first financial platform for women offering tools and resources that enable them to make independent financial decisions. 

About LXME

LXME is India’s 1st Financial Platform for Women. A Social FinTech and ecosystem that enables women to take charge of their own finances with a community for peer conversations & learning, access to expert resources, tools and a hassle-free investment platform with expert-backed financial products.

About The Program

What LXME does differently is extend this journey of awareness and education to action through a hassle free and easy investment platform offering curated financial products for the differentiated financial needs of women. This makes LXME a holistic one of its kind financial platform for women. 

  1. COMMUNITY: At the heart of LXME is a safe and trusted community of women who actively ask, learn and share about money decisions and managing personal finances that enables collective growth. This is the first step towards starting your investment or financial planning journey. 
  2. RESOURCES: To help women overcome the barrier of financial jargon and risk associated with financial planning and instruments, LXME offers palatable and tailored content across formats from blog posts to videos and interactive workshops that help women make informed investment decisions. 
  3. FINANCIAL TOOLS: An uncomplicated and easy to use  platform with goal based investment and financial planning tools. (Mutual Funds, Gold and more)



100% Women Customer Base and focus on Women Audience

Over 85% Women Workforce

90% Women in all Leading Positions

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