KMF is the largest microfinance organization in Kazakhstan serving  micro-entrepreneurs and rural residents. KMF’s mission statement is “The best microfinance for your prosperity”.

About KMF

In Kazakhstan, the availability of financing is a pressing challenge, especially in rural areas. KMF solves it by opening offices in small villages and settlements where other financial institutions are not present, and people have great needs for funds. Today KMF covers 3,800 settlements of the country. By receiving a small loan, villagers become entrepreneurs and involve their relatives in their business, thus investing in their native land and improving their own lives and the surrounding infrastructure. Loans are mostly received for purchasing livestock, feed, seeds, fuels and lubricants, repairing and reconstructing agricultural buildings or purchasing and repairing agricultural machinery.

Since the beginning of its activity, KMF has disbursed more than 2 million microloans worth more than a trillion tenge, most of them to rural residents. KMF’s micro-loans helped create more than 183,000 jobs. Beyond that, entrepreneurs finance about 40,000 jobs for their wage workers, thereby ensuring their employment.

The Program

About 60% of KMF borrowers are women. As one of its main and ongoing tasks, the company aims not only to provide them with affordable financing, including in the countryside, but also to accommodate them to the market environment and help them develop their businesses. Women create and develop a large number of micro-businesses, each contributing to the overall development of the economy.

Notable projects aimed at supporting women entrepreneurship include the annual business conferences organized in cooperation with KMF-Demeu Corporate Fund in different regions of Kazakhstan, and the “women’s café” format, when entrepreneurs and business coaches meet and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere of a café, supported by the EBRD.

An important component of the non-financial activities of KMF and KMF-Demeu is a project to improve financial literacy in family budget and business management. Since the launch of the program, more than 155,000 clients have undergone training in family budget management and more than 7,000 clients – in business management; most of these clients are women.

As part of the Isker Hanymy project to support women entrepreneurs, in 2020 KMF, together with KMF-Demeu, launched a subsidized loan program for women entrepreneurs with KMF subsidizing half of the interest rate, thus reducing the cost of lending for the borrower by 50%. To participate in this program and obtain a loan, an applicant had to be a current borrower of KMF and have an operating business that ensured operation of three or more jobs. When reviewing the applications, the priority was given to the regions and activities most affected by the pandemic. In general, the program provided micro-loans in the amount of over 250 million tenge.



56% of KMF clients are women

Five of the six management board members are women

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