Itaú Unibanco is the largest non-state bank in Brazil and a major presence throughout Latin America. Their business model is designed to create value, prioritizing credit transactions, services, insurance and investment.

About Itaú Unibanco

Itaú Unibanco is the largest Latin American private-sector bank and one of the largest banks in the world, with approximately 100,000 employees and operations in 19 countries – with a focus on Latin America. Itaú delivers a range of offerings but prioritizes credit transactions, services, insurance and investment, serving a varied client profile — from individuals to companies of all sizes. In its home base of Brazil, Itaú has nearly 5,000 full-service branches and 48,000 ATMs.

Itaú is recognized for its governance practices and its management, which focuses on increasing knowledge about how to assess environmental and social impact. The institution has a recurring presence on major sustainability indices abroad, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Euronext Vigeo – Emerging 70 Sustainability Index. For nearly a decade, Itaú has also been the most valuable brand name in Brazil, valued at over R$29.8 billion (US$7.4 billion). They were ranked as one of the best companies in 2018 Great Place to Work Women.

The Program

Itaú’s approach to corporate social responsibility is guided by the belief that as half the world’s population, women exert a massive push for change. This is why Itaú Mulher Empreendedora (Itaú Women Entrepreneurs Program) was created in 2013 – to foster gender equality and female participation in business and the economy. The program seeks to help provide better conditions for women to leverage their businesses, provide financial services in accordance with their needs, and help them discover their true potential within society – and, consequently, generate massive economic impact. Mulher Empreendedora was one of the first bank programs of its kind in the country.

The values underlying this program include: 1) training to enhance women’s management techniques and to boost their companies’ results, 2) providing inspiration for them through the sharing of cases from representative and successful women, and 3) providing connections for them to increase their networking. All of these solutions are offered through an online platform at

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59 percent of employees at
Itaú Unibanco are women.

52 percent of the bank’s
managers are women.

Women make up 13 percent of
the bank’s officer-level positions.

44 percent of Itaú Unibanco’s
retail customers are women.

54 percent of microcredit
customers are women.

38 percent of small business
customers are women.

There are more than 21,000 women
entrepreneurs in the Mulher
Empreendedora program.


The Opportunity in Brazil


of Brazilian women were active in the labor force in 2017, according to the World Bank.


of women had an account at a financial institution in 2017, Findex data shows.


of Brazilian women borrowed from a financial institution in 2017, yet 35% borrowed money overall, Findex found.


of women saved money with a financial institution in 2017, but 26% saved any money at all, according to Findex.

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