GFI Fintech is a data analytic tech company that specialises in profiling technology for the financial industry. Our flagship product is GFI, a psychometric credit risk assessment system that enables the finance industry to be more inclusive.

About GFI Fintech

GFI Fintech was incorporated in 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a data analytic tech company that specializes in profiling technology for the financial industry. It develops cutting edge solutions by integrating multiple scientific disciplines, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral sciences and psychometrics. Its flagship product is called GFI which is an AI-based psychometric credit risk assessment that predicts whether an individual will default on a loan and has been used since 2018. GFI enables banks to confidently lend to customers with no formal credit history – many of whom are women. It allows banks to expand its market, improve repayment and contribute to enhancing the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of women and low-income individuals.

The Program

GFI is an alternative credit scoring system designed for formal lenders (banks, P2P lenders, consumer credit and regulated money lenders) to quickly and accurately assess the credit worthiness of no or thin-file clients. It can also be used in insurance, leasing, consumer finance, and retail. GFI collects predictive data about customers that is not likely to be otherwise available to lenders. GFI scores can be used to make better decisions about whether to grant loans to prospective borrowers, especially women who do not have sufficient verifiable credit history. 

GFI allows lenders to better assess the risks they are taking when they provide loans, especially to microbusinesses, SMEs, and unbanked entrepreneurs, none of which are adequately covered by existing methods of credit scoring. GFI credit score can substitute the traditional credit score in cases where credit information is not available or as a complement to traditional credit score in cases where lenders want to reduce non-performing loans.  GFI focuses on entrepreneur empowerment which enables lenders to provide targeted training to strengthen the viability of their clients.  


GFI Fintech

Women make up
40% percent of GFI
test takers.

Women represent 60% 
of GFI’s staff.

GFI aims to assist all women – entrepreneurs, business owners, employed women, and women at home.

The Opportunity in Malaysia


of population in Malaysia are women.


of Malaysian SMEs require more funds for business operations.


of all SMEs in Malaysia remain unserved and another 10% remain underserved by financial institutions.


of MSME owners in Malaysia are women.

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