enables lenders and banks to drive financial inclusion for women and women-owned businesses with creditX, our AI-powered credit modelling solution.

About is an Accel Portfolio FinTech company with a mission to empower lenders and banks to make smarter, faster, and inclusive credit decisions using AI.

Our AI-Powered credit modelling solution, creditX, is used by lenders and banks across 4 regions, specifically Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia, and by the full spectrum of lending companies, including digital banks, SME lenders, consumer lenders and Credit Bureaus. has been recognised among ‘Top 10 FinTechs in Singapore’ at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) FinTech Awards 2022 and is also part of PwC’s Partner Programme and a Featured Partner for Tata Consultancy Services. is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in India (Hyderabad), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Indonesia (Jakarta), Philippines (Manila) and Nairobi (Kenya).

The Program

Lenders and banks face 4 main challenges when it comes to financial inclusion for women:

  1. Traditional or rules-based credit models have low to medium accuracy
  2. Credit models require highly skilled and expensive resources such as data scientists or consultants or technologies to develop, resulting few models developed annually
  3. The process to develop credit models takes from 3 – 12 months
  4. Many women in emerging markets are unbanked or underbanked and don’t have a credit history or bank data

We developed creditX to solve these challenges:

  1. One end-to-end no-code solution to develop high quality credit models
  2. Leverage advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms that are Explainable, unbiased and transparent for higher accuracy
  3. An easy and affordable solution that can be used independently, with advance features built in for expert modellers
  4. Build credit models in a day or less, enabling you to always be on top of changing market environments
  5. Customize scorecards for each product, and each stage of the credit lifecycle – Application, Behaviour and Collection



40% of employees are women

Women occupy two senior roles: Lead Data Scientist and Head of Finance

An SME lender client of us saw their approvals increase by 10X daily at a lower loss rate. Of the new approvals, over 70% were first-time women borrowers.