About DigiAlly

DigiAlly, a Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) certified company, enables a seamless ecosystem for financial institutions and SMEs by empowering them with Digital Trust. DigiAlly operates across the region – Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Australia. In a world dominated by Digital first businesses, DigiAlly fosters true spirit of partnerships by bridging the credibility gap between SMEs and financial institutions. There are approximately 750 million SMEs in the world, with five out of every six SMEs lacking access to finance. SMEs face multiple challenges such as slow onboarding process, high interest rates and lack of confidence hindering the lending process. 85 % of SMEs have never had access to finance. DigiAlly works as a catalyst between financial institutions and SMEs. DigiAlly provides authentic and credible curated SMEs that can be trusted. DigiAlly’s comprehensive credibility score, which is verifiable, portable, and self-controlled, aids the easy onboarding of SMEs and minimises loan process inefficiencies.

About The Program

DigiAlly will authenticates WSMEs by business verification and compliance check services and thereafter grades SMEs into 4 categories Bronze (eligible to lend) to Platinum (high performance and reliable) based on digially’s own credibility score given to WSMEs. DigiAlly’s grading system helps WSMEs to get easy access to finance and enhance their credibility and reliability. We welcome women SMEs to generate their own credibility score for smooth lending process.



50% of DigiAlly’s employees are women.

We have women employees in diverse fields, such as Marketing, Consulting and Finance.

90% Women in all Leading Positions

Stats about opportunity in India

The estimated credit demand by women-owned very small businesses (WVSEs) in the country is worth Rs 83,600 crore – IFC report.

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