Dakko Wellbeing is a one-stop platform dedicated to improving access to Health and Financial Wellbeing.

About Dakko

Dakko is a fintech startup, with a focus on Health & Financial Wellness incorporated in 2020, which leverages financial & health services through digital transformation to make wellbeing happen in people’s lives. Dakko is rooted in the fintech’s name (Dakko means hug in Japanese), where their vision is to care for the vulnerable and to empower & enable employees to manage their financial, health & wellness journey for themselves and their families.

Dakko Wellbeing is a marketplace that aims to establish deep engagement with employees to facilitate better access to services that serve their needs with education; lowering barriers to experience financial services and move proactively to manage their financial, health and wellness challenges. High levels of employee wellbeing boost satisfaction, teamwork, productivity, and even improve a company’s bottom line. Family, community and society at large benefit.

The Program

Dakko’s platform has a key focus on women workers as women are notably underserved by banks, insurance & financial services as compared to healthcare. Women in developing or low-income countries have limited autonomy and control over their finances, while having to balance family & health needs. Autonomy is considered essential for decision-making in a range of healthcare situations, from healthcare seeking to accessibility.

Through its first pilot implementation in South East Asia, Dakko found that in markets like Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and others in SEA, the total number of Serviceable Unbanked and Underbanked Women is over 102 Million (data source: Global Findex). One of Dakko’s first product features addresses the largest common barrier to women’s banking, which is the lack of necessary documentation. Dakko Wellbeing engages consumers via the HR/payroll services. Dakko strives to be more than a platform that connects to bank accounts – by creating customer engagement and improving access they want to lead their users to better financial health, especially for those who need it.



32% of Dakko’s first pilot
users are women.

56% of Dakko’s second pilot
users are women.

Women represent 27%
 of Dakko’s team.

Women represent 25% of  
Dakko’s Board.

The Opportunity in Emerging Markets


of women in LMICs access a financial institution account, according to Findex.


of women in LMICs received wages directly to an account – 2017 Global Findex.


of women in LMICs are able to raise funds from savings in case of emergency.


of women in LMICs use a mobile phone or the internet to access an account.

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