BRED Bank Cambodia is a subsidiary of French bank Banque Populaire, which is the second-largest banking group in France and celebrated its centenary in 2019.

About BRED Bank Cambodia

BRED Bank Cambodia is a young and thriving bank that opened its doors in Phnom Penh in 2017. As of 2019, BRED Bank Cambodia delivers services to more than 5,000 retail and business clients through 6 branches and 38 ATMs. BRED Bank Cambodia offers a variety of financial services, such as loans, debit cards, online banking, saving products and services for money transfer (national and international), and has assets exceeding US$280 million.

The Program

Cambodian women, and notably businesswomen, are underserved by banks. BRED Bank Cambodia intends to bridge the gap by better supporting businesswomen through its Shine Initiative. Based on dedicated research conducted with more than a hundred Cambodian businesswomen in 2018, the Shine Initiative uses Human Centered Design to meet their needs. The Shine Initiative has four distinct pillars: Shine Better Business Academy, which teaches essential skills to business owners, with a special focus on the needs of women; BREDfast Talks, providing, information, instruction and networking services for businesswomen; Women’s Awards to inspire and create role models; and financial services such as loans.



45 percent of executive team members
at the bank are women.

50 percent of branch managers are women.

36 percent of sales staff are women.

As of August 2019, women-led
businesses represented 22 percent of all business accounts at BRED Bank Cambodia.

The Opportunity in Cambodia


of microenterprises in Cambodia were owned by women as of 2019, as were 26% of SMEs, the IFC found.


of SMEs in Cambodia have at least one female top manager, according to IFC – compared to 31% in East-Asia and Pacific.


of Cambodian women are interested in borrowing, and more women than men choose banks for financing, IFC research showed.


of women’s loan applications are rejected due to insufficient collateral, according to IFC.

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