Bank al Etihad was the first financial institution in Jordan to introduce comprehensive banking solutions for women.

About Bank al Etihad

Bank al Etihad was established in 1978 as a Jordanian banking and financial services organization with family and human values at the core of its operations. The bank positions the satisfaction of its clients – whether they be individuals, entrepreneurs, corporates or impactful women – at the forefront of its priorities by offering state of the art digital solutions, a growing network of 49 branches and 119 ATMs distributed across the Kingdom, a central exchange unit, a financial brokerage company (Etihad Brokerage), a financial leasing company (Etihad Leasing) and a financial technology company (Etihad Financial Technology Company). Bank al Etihad also owns a controlling stake in Safwa Islamic Bank and 10% of the National Bank of Palestine.

The Program

Shorouq was launched in 2014 as a community where women can meet, get inspired, learn from each other and do business together. Bank al Etihad is for all women. Whether they have just had an idea for a start-up or have been running their own business for years, Shorouq is a platform to connect women, share ideas, explore ways to balance family and career, learn from female leadership, and champion entrepreneurs in Jordan and beyond.

Bank al Etihad is inspired and shaped by the women they work with every day. They believe in financial freedom and security for all, and have curated a suite of tools to empower women to achieve their business ambitions.



45 percent of the bank’s staff
are female.

The CEO and deputy CEO positions at
Bank al Etihad are held by women.

The bank’s CEO, Nadia Al Saeed, 
has been ranked one of the “Most
Powerful Arab Businesswomen” for
five consecutive years (2014-2018) 
by Forbes Middle East. She was also
awarded “Best Woman in the
Corporate Sector in MENA” by The
AmCham MENA Regional Council
and voted as one of the most powerful 
women in Jordan by Jordan Business
Magazine for 2014.


The Opportunity in Jordan


of women in Jordan participated in the labor force in 2017, the World Bank reported.


of women in the country had a formal bank account in 2017, according to Findex.


of women in Jordan saved at a financial institution in 2017, Findex found, with 43% of women reporting they had saved money somewhere that year.


of women borrowed from a financial institution in 2017, yet 47% of all women took out a loan that year, according to Findex.

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