Galicia’s purpose is to improve the daily life of more people by providing savings, credit and investment opportunities to individuals and companies with a high commitment to customer experience and sustainable development.

About Banco Galicia

Since 1905 Galicia has accompanied the development of its country, being the main private bank with national capitals. Galicia’s goal is to improve the day-to-day life of people and companies, which is why the 5,300 collaborators work to offer a wide variety of products and services to provide a differentiating experience to customers. They serve their clients through more than 325 branches and Business Banking centers across the country, as well as different digital channels such as Online Banking, Galicia APP, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp and Gala, the bank’s chatbot. In addition, Galicia have been named “the best place to work in Argentina” for the third consecutive year according to Great Place to Work. This strong commitment and investment in sustainability and diversity is a testimony of the bank’s conviction that that business cannot be considered without considering the social and environmental impact.

About The Program

Galicia’s women’s empowerment strategy goes from the inside out, seeking not only to be an organization that promotes more women to develop personally and professionally, but also playing a social role to ensure that more women are included in the financial system and can manage their own projects.

The focus is not to create a standard Women’s product, but rather seek to offer a personalized value proposition that responds to the needs of each woman through different segments (High Income, Business and Professionals and People) accompanying them in the different moments of their lives.

  1. The bank has defined 3 profiles of women with different needs:
    Women Leaders or Administrators: who occupy leadership positions in the labor market, owners of large companies and women who manage their own assets.
  2. Women Entrepreneurs: those who have their own business and are leaders of their business in a segment linked to SMEs.
  3. Women who manage their finances: including the housewife who manages the family funds to the woman who works in a dependent relationship.

The bank offers financial education and inclusion programs which are essential to support this initiative and provide women with tools to make better decisions. Key partnership were made with strategic players in the sector, such as Mujer Financiera and Mujeres 2000 to create training programs for women entrepreneurs and housewives and training courses on simple investments for Galician clients.

The bank works hard to achieve gender equality both in the company and in the environment in which it operates.



51.2% of the bank’s staff are women

42% of the bank’s customer base are women

Over 1.3 million women clients served

33% of the bank’s managers are women



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