Data Analytics

The Program

Our Women’s Market Data Analytics program, available to our members, is the only industry-wide repository of Women’s Market data, offering consistent metrics and definitions, and helping members make the business case for serving women. The Financial Alliance for Women Data Analytics program:

  • – Captures existing Women’s Market data from member banks;
  • – Enhances banks’ capabilities and commitment to capturing and reporting sex-disaggregated data;
  • – Harmonizes definitions and indicators;
  • – Promotes the capture and use of sex-disaggregated data at the bank, national and international levels.

Partnering for Progress

In 2014 the Financial Alliance for Women partnered with the Inter-American Development Bank and Data 2x to explore the collection and use of sex-disaggregated data across the financial sector. The partnership has since expanded to include the IFC, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Alliance for Financial Inclusion. Through this Women’s Financial Inclusion Data partnership, we have developed a multi-stakeholder understanding of the gaps, challenges and opportunities around sex-disaggregated data, as well as an assessment of the national and international-level challenges and potential solutions in collecting sex-disaggregated data. The partnership is contributing to increasing the capture, analysis and reporting of sex-disaggregated banking data around the world, which will allow for deeper understanding of the dimensions of closing the financial services gap to women and further development of the women’s banking market.


Latest Data Publications