Nurcan Özdemir

Nurcan Özdemir worked her way up in the insulation industry — from administrative
assistant to owner of her own company, EPSA.


About the Business

Nurcan Özdemir started out in the Turkish insulation industry in 1999 as an assistant. She soon worked her way up to salesperson, and after 8 years in the industry left her job to start her own company. In 2007, EPSA Insulation, Packaging and Construction Chemicals was founded.

Within a few years, EPSA had become the fastest growing insulation firm in Turkey. Nurcan was honored with the Garanti Bank Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur Award in 2012, drawing public attention to her accomplishments, giving her business a great deal of publicity and highlighting her as a role model for all women entrepreneurs in the country.

Of her business success, she told Turkish publication Haber Monitor, “No success can be achieved easily, and I continue to work tirelessly. I would advise young people to never stop fighting – that is the most important step toward success.”