Maleeka Zakarneh

In a male-dominated field and a male-dominated country, Maleeka Zakarneh
is making a name for herself and her company, Jadara Electronics.


About the Business

After finishing her degree in Technology Electronic Engineering at Yarmouk Univeristy, Maleeka Zakarneh worked variously on the design and maintenance of electronic boards and systems, educational products, and renewable energy solutions in Jordan. She founded her company, Jadara Electronics, in 2006 — just six years after she graduated from college.

Maleeka started the company in an effort to supply the Jordanian education sector with the latest applied engineering products. In 2009, she expanded Jadara Electronics’ offerings into the automotive and autotronics sectors, providing Jordanian learning institutions with educational equipment for studies and research in those areas.

Maleeka was named Bank al Etihad‘s Business Woman of the Year in 2014. The bank provided Maleeka with professional mentoring services and business guidance, helping her to further expand her business.