Inés Aita

Inés Aita is a Costa Rican business owner who co-founded her business, Cosméticos Laita,
with her daughter, Laura Arce Aita, in 2003.


About the Business

Inés’ daughter Laura came up with the idea for Cosméticos Laita after years of struggling with unmanageable curly hair. She developed a method for controlling her hair using linseed oil and entered the Costa Rica National Entrepreneurship Competition, put on by Costa Rica’s Technological Institute, with her idea. She won in the Innovation category in 2002, and soon thereafter the two founded the business.

Their bank, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, provided Inés with capital via their Banca Mujer program, allowing Cosméticos Laita to expand to offer more than 28 products at 500-plus service points. The program also offered Inés advice on growing her business and a number of educational services.

According to Inés: “The relationship with Banca Mujer has been key to the growth of our company. They have supported us not only with capital, but with trainings, brand exposure and especially business development opportunities.”