Financial Alliance for Women All-Stars Academy

The All-Stars Academy, one of the Financial Alliance for Women’s most highly valued programs, is an immersive and holistic learning program that helps financial services professionals develop the critical tools they need to serve women effectively. The Academy features experienced guest lecturers from members with strong internal and external women-centered strategies who share their expertise on building a sustainable program that successfully taps into the female economy.

How you will Learn

Through a hybrid learning path, combining guided self-paced learning modules and live sessions, participants will be able to learn on your own time while also gaining live insights from experts from all over the world, engaging with other practitioners in working sessions, and accessing new tools. Participants will also work with coaches to support them in developing actionable plans.

How to Maximize your Participation in the All-Stars Academy:

Allocate time per day on your agenda to complete the self-guided learning program: the All-Stars Academy contains self-paced modules where you will be expected to work on your own. You must complete one module in order to move on to the next—and doing so will also help you to get the most out of the live sessions. We suggest that you allocate about one hour and a half per day/three times a week to complete the self-guided modules.

Book your calendar: Live sessions will take place every Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00-3:00pm GMT, beginning on January 21 and ending on February 19.  You will find all the links in the “My live sessions” page on the All-Stars Academy portal.

Prepare your questions for Coaches Corner. Coaches Corner takes place during the last 30 minutes of each live session and is your opportunity to dive deeper with experts on a topic of your choice. We recommend coming prepared with questions for the expert(s) to maximize your time with them.

Be ready to develop/update your strategy along the way. Once you complete a self-guided module, you will be prompted to develop a portion of your own women-centered strategy. Upon completing all ten modules you will be able to combine each aspect into one holistic strategy, and walk away with a complete action plan that you can bring back to your institution.

Take part in the Forum. Participate and engage through group chats on specific topics in the All-Stars Academy portal “Forum”. This is your opportunity to network with like-minded financial services professionals from all over the world and share your commitment to champion the female economy.

Check the resources in the Catalogue. The Academy’s Catalogue includes a wealth of knowledge pieces inclusing case studies, tactical research, in-briefs, tools and much more. These were curated specifically to complement your learning path and support you in your journey to build a women-centered strategy. Take advantage of this library by regularly checking for resources.

Practice your Pitch. The All-Stars Academy will culminate in a pitch competition, where participants will be able to pitch their program/strategy to a judge, received feedback from an expert, and have a chance to win the top spot.

Test your knowledge. Along your learning journey, you will be prompted to take a knowledge test about the content on the module you have just completed. By answering questions correctly, you will be able to get points. The more points you receive, the closer you are to getting your certificate

Obtain your Certificate. Upon the full completion of each self-paced and live module, the Alliance will be awarding certificates to all the participants who completed the entire All-Stars Academy.

Who Attends

The Academy is ideal for organizations in the early stages of developing an elevated financial experience for women, as well as those that are seriously considering introducing women-centered strategies. Enrollment is open to senior financial services leaders — including managers, directors and department heads — with responsibility for new business development, marketing or customer segments.

Why Attend

This year, the Financial Alliance for Women is taking All-Stars Academy online. Through a set of highly interactive expert-led modules, participants will learn practical strategies to take their women-focused programs to the next level. As a follow-on to this course, member institutions will have the option of joining our Mentoring Program to maintain network support.

Two tracks are available: the full Academy (including both Women’s Market and Diversity and Inclusion strategies) or the Diversity & Inclusion track, which is being offered as a standalone option for the first time this year.

Strong Opportunity, Impressive Returns


The amount of formal businesses in emerging markets IFC found are owned by women, globally.


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BLC Bank’s We Initiative.


The annualized revenue  Westpac’s women-centered services contribute to its bottom line.


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Inside the All Stars

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