Financial Alliance for Women All-Stars Academy

The All-Stars Academy, one of the Financial Alliance for Women’s most highly valued programs, is an immersive and holistic learning program that helps financial services professionals develop the critical tools they need to serve women effectively. The Academy features experienced guest lecturers from members with strong internal and external women-centered strategies who share their expertise on building a sustainable program that successfully taps into the female economy.

This year, the Financial Alliance for Women is taking All-Stars Academy online. Through a set of highly interactive expert-led courses, participants will learn practical strategies to take their women-focused programs to the next level. Following the Academy, member institutions will have the option of joining the Alliance’s Mentoring Program to maintain network support.

Participants gain an understanding of the key elements of a women-centered strategy and best practices for supporting its implementation. Through a highly practical, interactive approach, each participant develops a plan for creating and executing a program in their own market. As a follow-on to this course, participants who are Alliance members also have the option of joining our Mentoring Program to maintain network support.

The Academy is ideal for organizations in the early stages of developing an elevated financial experience for women, as well as those that are seriously considering introducing women-centered strategies. Enrollment is open to senior financial services leaders — including managers, directors and department heads — with responsibility for new business development, marketing or customer segments.

The deadline for applications is January 15, 2021. You can choose to apply for the full Academy (including both Women’s Market and Diversity and Inclusion strategies) or to the “Becoming Employer of Choice for Women” diversity and inclusion-focused program only, which is being offered as a standalone option for the first time this year.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Academies.

Strong Opportunity, Impressive Returns


The amount of formal businesses in emerging markets IFC found are owned by women, globally.


The internal rate of return on
BLC Bank’s We Initiative.


The annualized revenue  Westpac’s women-centered services contribute to its bottom line.


The prospective customers who become clients of TEB after attending a bank training event.

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